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Residential Storage by Legend Removals

Moving to another country can be very desirable but at the same time stressful. Although everyone has the right to choose a place to live, too many legal issues may complicate the process of removal. For example, it is necessary to get the citizenship of a new country or get a residence permit, buy a new apartment, fix it up, sell your old house, etc. All these moments take a lot of energy and powers.

Residential Storage Units in London

Given this huge pile of challenges and hurdles to a relocation, it is clear why so many people prefer to delegate some tasks connected with removal to professionals. Moreover, it may happen so that you will need more time to fulfill all necessary formalities. What should you do if you have already sold your house and must leave it with all your belongings, but still didn’t buy a new house? Such a difficult problem can be solved with the help of Legend Removals because we can not only organize transportation of your belongings from one place to another, but also offer our services of packing/unpacking, insurance, and home options storage solutions. In this case, you can be sure that all your valuable assets are under constant monitoring and stored in proper conditions.

Storing your belongings here, you will have enough time to fulfill all necessary formalities. For example, you may choose a good new apartment in the destination country, or even build your own house there, and then move your furniture from an old house to a new one. Moreover, it may happen so that you have some possessions requiring special conditions of storage (paintings, pieces of art, important documents, etc.). In this case, specialized storage in London created by us will be the best way out. We are able to store your belongings in safe conditions, while you will sort out all necessary formalities.

Good Home Storage Service

If your removal is postponed due to some formal reasons, and you don’t know where to store your household items for a while, we will be glad to help you. Legend Removals always offers its clients a full range of removal services, and home storage is one of them.

Our storage facility in London has a great number of such advantages as:
• A spacious storage area of 45.000 square feet;
• Comprehensive CC TV giving the opportunity of constant video monitoring;
• Modern alarm system;
• Security guards;
• Fence around the building;
• Affordable prices for storage;
• Opportunities for long-term and short-term storage.

All above-mentioned facts mean that it is much better to choose us because we may store your belongings and then organize their transfer to your new place of residence. In this case, you may be pretty sure that we are a reliable company with a great working experience in the market of transportation services. Hence, by choosing us, you will kill two birds with one stone and have a complex solution to most problems connected with your removal, and all this is available at an affordable price. What can be better?