Business storage

Business Storage by Legend Removals

Moving to a new place of residence is a very troublesome task for anyone. Of course, it is nice that people have an opportunity to live everywhere they want, but at the same time removal always implies many difficulties connected with formalities. Hence, removal is a challenge, but business removal is even worse because it requires allocating not only furniture but also equipment, important documents, archives, etc. Moreover, if you want to relocate your business to a new country, all documents have to be arranged in accordance with the legislation of the destination country. Formal issues always take a lot of time and energy. Therefore, a good place for commercial storage of your business merchandise, palletized goods, office furniture, eBay stock, documents, etc. may be a wise solution for the time you are busy settling all formalities.

Business Storage Solutions

Our team is ready to offer services not only to people who want to organize a relocation overseas but also to businesses. We can relocate your belongings, pack/unpack and insure them for the whole period of transportation. However, the opportunity of storage is also important for our clients, and we are glad to solve this problem as well.
Legend Removals offers the following storage services for business:
• office furniture storage;
• equipment storage;
• archive/documents storage;
• bulk storage.
Hence, if you are looking for a good storage for commercial needs, we are able to offer the best conditions.

Commercial Storage Facility for Anyone

Our company has already organized a great number of domestic, European, and overseas removals, so, we are reputable professionals in this sphere. Furthermore, our storage services provide clients with a full range of benefits associated with taking time for documentation and not worrying about your assets.

Our business storage in London is the best place to leave your belongings due to:
1. 45.000 square feet of clean and dry space to store everything you want;
2. 24/7 CCTV;
3. Mobile security patrols;
4. Fenced territory;
5. Affordable prices.
Moreover, don’t forget that as a full-scope transportation company, we may also pack all necessary belongings and move them to the storage by ourselves. In this case, you will have enough time and powers to find a new place for your office in our country or even abroad, and sort out all formalities to relocate the entire company! Certainly, it is much better to entrust such a delicate situation as office removal to a single company instead of dealing with a number of different contractors.

We are working to help people solve all their problems appearing during the process of removal. So, if you cannot find a good place to store your office furniture or working equipment for this period, there is no need to cause chaos in your regular business life – we know how to cope with it quickly and easily. Our qualified employees and managers will consult you on all details and will calculate your quote after you contact us and leave your mobile phone number. Good services for business including storage is our motto!