short term storage

Storage Services by Legend Removals

The borders are open to anyone nowadays. So, it is not surprising that freedom of traveling may cause a strong desire to live in a particular country or even move there to take up permanent residence. This procedure will take a lot of time and effort, but everything is possible.

Each removal, even if you want to change an apartment in the same city, implies many accompanying problems. Moreover, if you want to organize an overseas relocation, long-term storage services may come about handy, and our specialists know how to organize this for you.

Cases When Storage Service is Necessary

Why is it necessary to use short or long-term furniture storage services while you plan a removal to another country? The answer is simple:

1. You have already sold your old apartment and don’t have another place to store your belongings.
Long-term storage in London is necessary for you if you have already sold your property here, but still cannot find a good variant for you in the destination country. In this case, you may just not have another place to leave your possessions before removal.

2. You need a lot of time to prepare all documents necessary for legal removal.
If you plan to move to another country, it is necessary to prepare an enormous number of documents to make it legal. You should have a residence permit at least, or you may think over getting a citizenship or even double citizenship. Red tape always needs a lot of time, and all your belongings should be stored somewhere during this difficult period.

3. You need time to find a new apartment and fix it up to your taste.
Even if you have already solved all troubles with your documents, you will need time to find new apartment comfortable for you and repair it before moving in. In this case, we can offer our clients short-term storage in London at affordable prices.

4. You have some valuable belongings (pieces of art, etc.)
If you have some valuable items such as paintings, pieces of art and décor, antique furniture, important documents, and the like, it is necessary to store them in special conditions which we are able to offer.

5. You want to save some money with the help of a Shared Container option (LCL)
It is possible to save some money on the overseas relocation if you choose the “Less than container” option available in our company. It means that all your belongings will be transferred to the final destination together with belongings of other customers moving in the same direction. Such an approach is very popular nowadays because it gives time to solve all formal problems, and it is cheaper as well.

All these reasons mean that you need a good company providing storage services.

Affordable Storage Services

Long-term storage costs can be very high. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a good company providing storage services in advance. Legend Removals is able to offer our clients storage with the following advantages:
• 45,000 square feet of floor space;
• 24/7 CCTV
• Fence around the territory;
• The presence of alarm system;
• Mobile security patrols.
All these advantages are available at an affordable price. Moreover, we are glad to offer separate units in the territory of our storage facility. Therefore, if you want to store your belongings in a secure place, turn to us and get the best price for cheap long-term storage units. It is much more comfortable to work with one company to solve all problems connected with your removal – packing, transportation itself, insurance, and storage. The Legend Removals team is working to make your removal anywhere as comfortable as possible!