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Flexible Storage Solutions For Move
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Thanks for your enquiry, just let us know as much as possible information about your move. Where from and where to you are moving and the details of the items you would like to move to ensure an accurate Fixed Price quotation.

Choose removal package

Within 24 hours you will receive very Flexible and Convenient removal packages to choose from. All packages include goods in transit insurance for your move and you can increase the limit of the cover if required.

Details of the move are confirmed

Once the details of the move are confirmed and the moving package is selected we would require the formal acceptance and small security deposit paid to make a reservation for your move.

Dedicated crew takes care of your house move

On the date agreed your dedicated crew arrives to take care of your house move. Don’t worry you are in a safe and capable hands!

What we do
Domestic Removals

Plan your moving within the UK with the team of Legend Removals. We know how to organize your relocation in the best way. Talk to our managers today.

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Plan your moving within the UK with the team of Legend Removals
Storage Services

Legend Removals offers a good removable storage for our customers belongings. If your removal implies long-term custody of your possessions, our storage room is at your disposal.

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Good removable storage for belongings
Europe Relocations

We offer different ways of transporting your belongings to Europe: by sea, by air, and by road. Certainly, if you want to move from the UK elsewhere, these ways can be combined.

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Different ways of transporting your belongings

Legend Removals offers clients a full range of services connected with moving. This range includes: packing, transportation, unpacking, storage (if necessary), and insurance.

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Moving services: packing, transportation, unpacking, storage, and insurance
Why choose us

Only in the last few years we have successfully moved 4500+ clients within UK, to Europe and back home to UK, and of course overseas. Every single move is unique and tailored to your requirements. Every move is handled by friendly industry professionals.

Fully Insured

We have a long-standing reputation for the safe handling and delivery of our client’s valuable items. Whether you have the minimal level of the insurance or you need to move high value precious items stay re-assured that your items will be properly covered

Affordable prices

The cost of the move can be quite high, but across the years we have learned how to make the most cost effective moves for our clients. With the constant work in UK and weekly departures to European countries we are able to save up to 35% for your move.

Extra care

Your furniture is always protected with the removal blankets for the safe delivery. The small fragile items are professionally wrapped in multiple layers of paper and boxes, the large items such mirrors, pictures are normally wrapped in a cardboard.

Removals Service

The service you can trust

Nowadays, many of us live under the constant pressure of the fast life tempo. Hence, it is extremely important to find a good place to live, which will bring joy to you every day. On the one hand, each person has many opportunities to build his/her own house or buy an apartment anywhere. On the other hand, we are living in a world of open borders; therefore, it is very simple to move to another country or even to another continent if you want or have some reasons for such an action.

The main problem of each moving is what to do with all your belongings: clothes, furniture, books, home appliances, etc. This question is very acute, especially if you decide to move across a long distance, for example, to another continent. Certainly, you can leave all your furniture and other things and buy something new for your new home, but what if you don’t want to act this way? Some people may have very nice design solutions in their houses and don’t have any desire to create something new for a new house. Others may have antique furniture or original artworks requiring special conditions and treatment during relocation. However, there is a good way out of this delicate situation – you should just find affordable moving services, and our company Legend Removals is just the thing!

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