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All You Should Know About Furniture Removal

Are you planning to move out or relocate your furniture to a new destination? We will guide you through each and everything you need to know starting from furniture movers to furniture removals cost. So, let’s get started!

Some Helpful Tips to Remember Before Furniture Removal

• Removing everything from inside:

While moving a cupboard or a wooden trunk, it is important to empty whatever’s inside to ease out the process of furniture removal. The inner contents can be wrapped in a separate box to avoid any damage caused by relocation. Moreover, carrying a light-weighted furniture saves time and energy.

• Secure Your Drawers and Doors:

It is inconvenient to move unsecured drawers as they may fall out during the removal process. One must be cautious about dangling doors that may swing open anytime to minimize safety hazards.

• Corner Protection:

It is imperative to avoid scratches on the corners of the furniture caused during the move. It is therefore recommended to use a bubble wrap around the sharp edges. A few professional furniture removals services such as Legend Removals LTD have unique mechanisms in place to guarantee utmost protection to your furniture.

• Rightly Label the Parts:

It may be challenging to shift furniture as a single piece. The furniture may be subjected to unanticipated damage during the process of transit. It is often suggested to remove its parts to simplify the process. However, one must remember to correctly label the parts and securely store the nuts and bolts in a separate box. When the furniture removal process is over, you can quickly put the pieces of the furniture, back in place. International furniture movers specialize in such seamless and hassle-free transit.

• Efficient use of Cellophane Wrap:

If you want to cut down on your furniture replacement costs, it is essential to protect your sofas from getting dusty and wooden furniture from getting damp. Furniture removal companies usually employ cellophane wrap as a packaging material to protect your valuable furniture.

• Carry Tall Items smoothly:

A shelving unit can be difficult to handle. Hook the item backward at the right angle. It needs a two-man effort. This ensures that the weight is evenly centered when carried and prevents the object from swinging half-way.

• Maneuver couches down the hallway:

It is impossible to carry a sofa horizontally and make room for a turn. You need to place the couch on one end and slide it through the doorway before you enter the hallway.

• Slide instead of drag:

You can purchase furniture slides of different shapes and sizes from any online store. It is recommended to use padded sliders for hard flooring and plastic sliders for carpeting. You can make your home-made sliders using towels, blankets, bedspreads and plastic container covers.

• A sling mattress:

Moving a floppy and heavy mattress is a cumbersome process. Build a simple rope sling will impart strength and control to your helper. Slip a PVC pipe over the rope and tie the ends to create a sling grip. Then, flip the mattress, and you are good to go.

• Box spring folding:

If your spring box is large in size, then, you can buy a box that is split and designed just for this purpose. Or you can choose to cut the box spring you have and fold it. However, there is a simple way to cut your box spring without damaging it. There are many guides available on the internet to teach you how to do it right.

• Take apart what is within your reach:

Take out drawers, knobs, racks, shelves, and legs of whatever is within your range. Dismantle everything to simplify the process.

• Take your recliner apart:

Search for the back brackets of the back frame. Lift up the levers on both sides and slide the back straight to free it from the recliner. Tie the footrest in place to ensure that it does not spring open.

• Remove door step moulding:

After the door is removed, take off the door stop molding. This will provide an extra bit of space and ensure free movement of furniture out of the house.

• Create an efficient ramp:

Use blocks, planks and lumbers to create useful ramps to maneuver the items quickly.

Furniture Movers

How to Choose the Best Furniture Moving Service?

If you are moving out for the first time, it can be a daunting task to narrow down your choice amidst the plethora of service options available. In this section, we will talk about the most recommended world-class services at the best price possible. It is advisable to consider a few points before you choose cheap furniture removals service.

• Quality of work:

Testimonials and reviews can shed clarity on the level of professionalism and the quality of service provided by furniture removal companies. One such group with an excellent reputation is Legend Removals Ltd.

• Plan well in advance:

It is crucial to plan for some time to avoid misplacements and stay carefree. Planning will provide ample time to make right decisions and prevent mistakes made in haste. Moreover, removal companies may take up to two weeks to come up with a quote. So, it emphasizes the need for advanced planning.

• Insurance validity:

A furniture removal company offers protection against damage that may occur during relocation. It is always essential to cross-verify the terms and conditions to avoid inconvenience at a later interval.

• Asking the right questions:

As a consumer, you should be proactive enough to ask the right questions. Do not refrain from clarifying your doubts for a satisfying experience.

• Negotiation:

Try to negotiate with reason and choose a package that is well within your budget.


Furniture removal is indeed a tedious process, and it is hence suggested to let a company take a headache for you. Follow the instructions above for excellent results. If you are based in London or UK, then, furniture removals is all the way simple with Legend Removals Ltd. Just push the button Full Quote on the top of website and choose furniture you have in our calculator.