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A Guide to Packing Your Home for a Household Move

Moving can be tricky and frustrating. It is always recommended to hire professionals in order to safeguard yourself from accidents and injuries. Most of the removals companies charge by the hour and a few charge flat rates. Hourly mover starts billing as soon as it starts the work and ends when the moving is completed. The noted time by which you will be charged includes the travel time and therefore, you should always schedule the shifting when the traffic is minimal. On the other hand, flat rate moving company evaluates the items to be shifted. Their weight and size and then quotes a price to do the work. The final price does not exceed the quoted price.

Whether you’ve finally found the flat of your dreams or just need to pack some things away for the time being until further notice. One of the biggest moving nightmares is the amount of boxes you might be moving from one place to another. Too many moving boxes will create confusion as well as unnecessary expenditure if you are not doing it yourself.

Steps to Pack Efficiently

1. Order of packing should be prioritized

Moving is often very tiring and takes a lot of one’s precious time regardless of the size of your flat. Prioritizing the task is an effective way to make it hassle-free. Plan the packing process and other tasks in order to successfully moveflat London.

2. Get your removal team on board

Our Legend Removals LTD team is the one which helps you in your flat move. It can be friends, family or anyone else. As soon as you figure out the date of your moving. You should strive hard in gather people to help you and collectively become your removal team. You can also hire flat removals London to help you in moving easily. They take up all the work of packing and shifting.

3. Get your packing material together

The packing material should be gathered as soon as possible. These material include newspapers which are used to wrap up crockery, dishes etc. Bubble wrap used for fragile and valuable items, papers for labeling items and cardboard boxes for other items. These boxes can be arranged easily through friends, family or supermarkets. When you hire flat removals, you eliminate your task of gathering packing material as they themselves arrange it for you and pack the items themselves. Legend Removals LTD is one such company that helps you to move flat UK and does its work very effectively and efficiently.

4. Throw out the items you do not need

You don’t want to carry the burden of moving things. You never use or pay the removals company to do so. Therefore, it is very important and suggestible to clear the flat before moving.

5. Daily use items

Till this point, most of the packing should be done. In the duration of moving, you may require certain things like clothes, books etc. and hence, there is a requirement to prepare a separate bag for these things.

6. Done!

If you followed these steps carefully, by now all the packing should be done correctly and you may relax till the point of unpacking in your new flat.

Tips on Packing when you book flat removals

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• Do not pack the items from different rooms in one box – Packing different rooms’ items in different boxes results in quicker packing and unpacking.

• Taping should be done correctly – Tape the top and the bottom of the boxes. Make multiple wraps in order to ensure safety of the items.

• Boxes should be of appropriate sizes – When one packs the items oneself, they often commit the mistake of packing heavier items in large boxes and lighter items in small boxes, when the case should be the opposite. Committing such mistake increases the chances of breakage.

• Ensure that the boxes are well balanced – The boxes should be completely filled without any gaps. In case you find an empty space in a box, fill it using paper, towels etc.

Finally, try to remember that if you’ve hired a company to handle your move, the amount of moving boxes you have packed in excess can ultimately increase the price of moving compared to what you first stipulated. If you don’t want any surprises, then maybe it is best to hire a company that does all the packing for you. They set the price once they evaluate your belongings and then it is up to them to pack the number of required moving boxes within the fee they’ve charged. And since they are pros at doing what they do, they have their own methods for packing and moving boxes so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.