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Furniture Packing

Are you planning to relocate to new home or office? Yes, then you need our help. We, the legend removals, are here to help you in every possible way. The toughest and hardest part while moving is to shift the furniture of home because they are heavy. Shifting the furniture is not the job of one man especially when the entire home has to be shift from one to another place. There are lots of items to be shifted and shifting the furniture alone can make you tire. It means you will have no energy and time to shift other items. Thus, you need our help for furniture packing services.

Here, we will guide you about everything that you should know about furniture removals services right from their cost to the services we offer. Let’s begin.

Learn about the furniture packing processes

Furniture removal is a lengthy and time-consuming process and thus its preparation has to be done beforehand. One should get the things ready before they actually move. So, here are some important tips for you.

  • Remove stuffs inside from the furniture – furniture like cupboard or wooden trunk has spaces to store items like crockery. You should empty them and pack them in other box so that they do not get damaged while shifting.
  • Secure the doors and drawers – always secure the doors and drawers of the furniture, if any, so that they don’t fall out during the entire process of removing. It will save the furniture and you from any kind of accidents.
  • Protection of corners – while moving, the corners of the furniture may get scratches and thus they also need protection. Use bubble wrap to protect the corners from any kind of damages. Although, we have special mechanisms to protect the furniture but still you need to know these tips for future purpose.
  • Label the parts correctly – the furniture like beds and cupboards come in different pieces that have to be joined together. While moving, it is recommended to dismantle the pieces of furniture to prevent them from damaging. It will also make the entire process of packaging of furniture easy. Also, remember to label the parts correctly so that you can quickly attach the pieces back to their original place. We are experts in quickly separating and joining them back without any trouble.
  • Use cellophone wrap – we use the cellophone wrap to protect the furniture such as sofas from any kind of damage and dust that can fade the shine of your valuable assets.
  • Dismantle whatever is possible – to simply the entire process of packaging, you can dismantle the furniture as much as possible. Take out the knobs, racks, drawers, shelves and other parts which can be dismantled. However, remember to label them and keep them at safe place so that you can easily find them later.

Services offered by furniture packing companies

We, Legend removals, are the best known movers and packers in UK for the services that we offer. So, here is a list of them.

  • Domestic removals
  • Home removals
  • Small removals
  • Flat removals
  • Student removals
  • Piano removals
  • Business removals
  • Trade services
  • Commercial relocation
  • Packing services
  • Storage and insurance
  • European relocations

We serve every kind of removals services that are expected by the customers. We also provide furniture packing boxes to the customers so that they don’t find difficulty while packing the materials. Packing boxes for big materials are usually not found in the market with ease and one has to do struggle for it. Thus, we have every kind of boxes that are fit for packaging small to big materials of you home and offices.

So, for any kind of moving services, feel free to contact us.