Documents Required for Export/Import

As of 01.01.2021 UK is no longer part of the EU, therefore as part of your move we will be taking care of the customs clearance formalities of the household goods we are going to move on your behalf to your new home.

We would require the scanned copies of the below documents sent to us via the email: 

Proof of ID

  • Copy of passport 
  • Copy of visa ( the picture page / information page & the VISA stamped page if applicable)

Proof of Address you are moving to  ( one should be sufficient ) 

  • Copy of the rental agreement 
  • Purchase contract form the new residence 
  • Proof of employment ( if applicable)
  • Registration letter from the local town hall 

Additional information 

  • Valued inventory list of goods (Guide)

If you moving from UK to Europe

Please let us know how long did you stay in UK

We need documents that prove you lived in the UK more than a year please.
For example old rental agreements or old working contracts in the UK.

Each country in the list need to be filled in next documents:

If you are moving from Europe to UK:

You will need to apply for TOR number ( transfer of residence ) that can be obtained on website, it may take up to 7 days for the HMRC to return with the TOR number


Please let us know if you plan to ship alcohol, tobacco, items possessed and used for less than 6 months or any other items, as these items will require a separate Customs Clearance declaration, as these items will be subject to the TAX, DUTIES at the destination country of approximately 35% of the declared goods value. 

We are unable to move plants at this stage, as the plants require an additional checks, certifications. In some destination countries importing plants is currently restricted.