How to fill Inventory list (instructions)

So we can be as efficient as possible on your moving day, please fill in the attached inventory list and email it back to us with valued items on it, on the collection date please pass it to your driver.

Please note that providing the inventory list is a vital part of every move we complete for our clients. We simply want to be prepared for your move and ensure the smooth experience. Please send it over to us as soon as possible.

Please be aware that if we do not receive a full completed inventory list then we can not be held responsible for any items not listed. Our liability might be limited up to £ 40 per item that was submitted to us for your removal quote, but we have not been notified about the item value. And the process of customs clearance can take longer than usual.

How to fill list?



In the items list you need to provide every single unit of furniture and amount of boxes and suitcases with items inside.

Please group your items in boxes for example:

  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Kitchenware
  • Bed sheets
  • etc…

If you have any valuable items they have to be listed separately.


Please note if you put Condition at Origin “NEW” or “BRAND NEW” you will have to pay taxes for import in the country where you going. We recommend you to put “USED”.

If you have “Regular plus” or “Legendary package” with packing

If you dont know how many boxes will be used, just please group your items and put values on them.