Student Removals

Student Removals

Removal Services for Students That You Will Appreciate

Moving can be very stressful and frustrating for students and that’s why there is a need of student moving services every time they change their flat, go back home or go abroad.

Here Are Some Guidelines to Follow When Making a Move:

1. Packing list

Moving can be very tiring and you may forget to pack valuable and important things. To make sure you pack everything you desire, draw up a rough list of all the items you are planning to move. While handing over your items to the student removals refer the list and dig out what’s missing.

2. Packing

Cardboard boxes or suitcases are recommended for packing as they are strong and durable. Pack your things properly and hand them over to the student removals UK that you hired.

3. Labeling the boxes

Make sure to label the boxes correctly which makes it easier to unpack.

4. Insurance

Nobody wants to incur losses while moving; therefore, one should always make sure that the student movers UK provides insurance for the items.

5. Tracking

Consider if a moving company is offering the facility of tracking or not. Tracking your move can help reduce your stress. There are many companies which provide a facility of tracking through SMS or email.

6. Booking

Take into account the time period prior to which you have to make the booking with removal companies. Many companies take up last minute bookings and others don’t. So, in order to make sure that you don’t miss out on the removal company that you prefer, consider this factor.

Removal Services for Students

What Not to Do in the Process of Hiring a Student Removals Company?

• Asking for quotes from only one company

Be wary of huge gaps between quotes. Though prices are competitive, something really cheap can mean poor service, whereas something too expensive can mean they are overcharging for a service that others will include in the price, like for example boxes, tape, manual labor, etc.. Compare the quotes and the quality of services of these companies and then take further decisions.

• Not asking about extra fees

Many companies charge extra for petite things such as moving items to the first floor. It should be made clear with the company, when will extra fees be applicable and how much would be the charge. Our company will include all charges in the contract up front.

• Price-based decision

One should never hire a student removals company based on its price. Enough research about the company should be done before hiring and it should be compared with other companies, too. You will find that Legend Removals LTD is one of the best option you can find.