Removals Health and Safety Responsibilities

Removals health and safety

When we all choose another place for living we want the moving to be quick and comfortable. Even better when it is safe and without consequences for the health. Removals Health and Safety regulations have been developed to facilitate process of moving. Not only to moving owners, but also to employees of the removal company.

If earlier workers paid little attention to this and relied mainly on common sense. Today everything has changed. Real professionals not only must comply with these rules and guarantee the safety of its workers. They are obliged to familiarize all their clients with it. The latter is especially important because only the homeowners are responsible for the safety of workers in their home: no obstacles on their part should be created.

In fact, there are quite a few removals Health and Safety regulations, but here are the main ones:

For moving owners:

Moving people should think about all the dangerous things and materials that they want to bring with them and properly pack them. Flammable liquids are stored in unlabelled containers in old sheds, it needs to be taken care of;

All spaces should be emptied;

All this dangerous objects must be removed from the cabinets and wardrobes;

It is necessary to clear all paths and passages of dirt, leaves and other obstructing things;

Be sure to warn the company in advance about insufficient lighting or its absence on the tracks. If the move is planned in the winter, when it gets dark early;

You need to be very careful when transporting a refrigerator with a freezer; it is fragile things, as there is a risk of cracking it. It can also be fraught with such a danger as food poisoning. If there is products left in the freezer. They have been frozen several times. Therefore, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and completely defrost and empty the refrigerator before transportation. Before connecting the refrigerator to a power source in a new place, wait 24 hours for all liquids to settle.

For workers:

It is necessary to make an inspection of the loading address and ask questions about the delivery address;

Check the access as well as to ensure that the correct handling and packing methods and equipment is available;

It is forbidden to enter space that is not boarded. To use loft ladders that have not been professionally installed;

Before proceeding with individual movement situations all workers must do further Health and Safety inspections.

Thus, the security of relocation depends not only on the company, but also on the moving people. Therefore, it is in the interest of each side to abide by the Health and Safety regulations.