Moving tips for house moves

Know some interesting moving tips

Moving a house is not an easy task as you know! It is really stressful work to get shifted the whole items of your house like furniture, household item, etc. Although the task of moving is stressful and require a lot of energy. Once you finally move the house and settle in a new home so you feel relaxed and happy. If you are also moving the house from old to your new home then before you get started with it go through this article. We have given some of the tips for moving house!

Read the given below tips carefully as this is the packing guide to pack each room of your house one by one! By reading our packing hacks you will be able to complete the daunting task of moving without much stress and very swiftly. Let’s get started!

Basic tips for moving house in UK

Don’t overload the package

Moving tips overloaded package

This is the basic packing tips that you must not overload the package. If simply without caring, you stuff the boxes with items then this will create an issue while picking it up. Keeping the box half full is a better option instead of overloading the box with items. You will be able to picks up the box if it is half filled.

Get creative with packing

Removal Company can help you provide the boxes to pack the household item if you don’t have boxes! But first looking for the containers you already have is a good option as it will help save money. You can gather bins, laundry baskets and large suitcases to store some household items.

Start packing room which is not in much use

Start packing following the tips for packing when moving house and begin with the rooms like a garden shed, garage or spare bedroom. Select the items which are out of the season like Christmas decoration and winter coats. If the move is taking place in winter then first pack the house, barbecue and if it is summer then pack t-shirts and sandals.

Fill empty gaps

Utilize the packing papers clothing or towels for filling empty spaces in the box. You can also use the kitchen paper, old rags and tea towels. The idea is to make items secure and in place while transiting.

Non- allowable items

It is important to note down that which all the things Removal Company won’t be able to move for you. This may include paints, propane cylinders, fireworks, etc as these are not allowed on moving trucks.

Take help of the specialist for antiques

If you have antique and valuable items in your house like the pianos, sculptures, and artwork then don’t take the risk of packing these items yourself. You should take the help of a specialist to pack antiques as they know it well how these things are packed with safety and care.

So these were some basic tips for moving house packing. Now let’s get into the depth of packing and understand that how can you pack different rooms of your house. One by one we will look at the ways to pack the living room, bathroom, and kitchen and so on! Keep on reading to know the packing tricks and tips which are useful and interesting.

Packing tips for the Living room

The living room is the place where you keep the precious knick-knacks as well as you will want to ensure that each of your home accessories and furniture is safe while transiting. Here we have some failsafe tips for packing the living room.

Pack electronics

Electronic item are precious and we are much reliant on them so getting the gadgets like PC, TV and other electronic items to the new home in good condition is important. If you have the original packing of the PC and TV then pack them in it only. Make sure you back up the devices as there may be necessary information on your PC.

Packing carpets & rugs

Roll up the rugs you have then tape them as well as warp it in the cling film or plastic. You can also apply this trick to pack rugs- if you own a sound bar with you then roll it up in the rug. When you tape and warp the rug in plastic, it will also pad your sound bar and it will remain secure. Also, don’t forget to put the label on things so that mover can know it, not just rug but also have sound bar in it.

Mirror, as well as glass frames

Mirrors and frames made of glass, are the things which can be damaged while moving. It will be good if you put the tape in X shape across the glass. This will prevent shattering and smashing of the frame and you will be able to move it safely. Also, for more safety warp put it in the bubble wrap.

Kitchen packing and tricks for moving house

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home as well as breakable items. The glasses and the crockery are among breakables. Don’t worry we have tips on packing kitchen which will provide ease on moving.

Large as well as small appliances

You may know that washing machine won’t fit inside the box. Thus, it will be the better option to tape everything so that door won’t swing open while shifting and lifting. Also, before packing the refrigerator defrost it and then pack it.

Fragile item and crockery

Wrap the plates in the newspaper; make sure you don’t use thin paper as it will not be able to stop breaking impact on plates. You can also apply this trick- buy the polystyrene plate as well as place it between each of your plates and start it up. Then wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap and this will make them safe from damage.

Glasses, cups, and mugs

Wrapping the glasses and mugs in the newspaper are not a good idea. So, get the polystyrene and plastic cup and place them in between the cups you have as well as stack them up. Pad it with bubble wrap or tea towels.

Bedroom packing tips

The bedroom is considered a sanctuary because you keep your most private item in your bedroom. Handing the work of packing bedroom to removal team is somehow not easy as you cannot simply trust anyone. Packing it on your own is good.

Mattresses and bed frames

It is better option to dismantle the bed a day before moving day. Put all the bolts, nuts as well as Allen keys in the bags as well as tape it to the key frame of the bed.

Accessories and clothing

Utilize a wardrobe or tall box having pole inserted through. Make use of the cable ties to provide security to cloth hangers and wrap clothes in the plastic. Another best way to pack the clothes is to utilize vacuum compression bags.

Wardrobe and drawer

Most people think emptying the drawer content into a box and then transporting drawer is a good idea but they are wrong! If the drawer is overstuffed as well as super heavy then taping the closed drawer is a secure option and it will be easy to move it.

So, this was tips for moving house quickly and packing the items of each of the room of your house. Now we will see some more tips for moving. The main focus will not be the items of the house but the living beings in your house like your pets or kids. So let’s see tips for moving house with a cat.

Start by selecting the quiet room a week before the move, it can be a bedroom or bathroom. Next, you need to turn the selected room into a paradise for the cat by keeping the water bowl, litter tray, food and favorite toys of your cat inside the room. Feed the cat or dog from time to time. But keep the food in the selected room only so that cat can adapt the change.

Moving tips. Feed dog

On a moving day

Feed the pet as usual and then close all windows and doors. That it remains safe and don’t come out while the removal team is doing their work. Then keep the cat or dog in a suitable carrier and take it with you. So this was our tips for moving house with a dog or cat.

You can find and apply these tips. Also, you can easily get tips for moving house with a baby online. These small tips are very useful and play a crucial role while moving a house from one place to another. Also, packing and moving task become much easy when you follow the tips and tricks. Hiring a removal company is a convenient option. But by packing some things on your own can save lots of time as well as money.

So, consider finding more tips for moving to a new house. This will only lessen your stress and make you happy. You will have a safe move with your family and household items. So, don’t waste any more time and start packing by following our tips for packing to move house.