Removals Insurance

Insurance for Moving by Legend Removals

It is not unusual to think of removal as a very laborious task to cope with. Undoubtedly, it is so, as moving is always connected with a range of challenges and it is overall much trouble. Moreover, international removals are more difficult than local ones due to the distance. Fortunately, nowadays, you may just use the services of special moving companies and get rid of this terrible headache.

For instance, Legend Removals offers clients a full range of services connected with moving. This range includes: packing, transportation, unpacking, storage (if necessary), and insurance.

The latter one gives rise to many different questions, and we believe that all customers should know why it is necessary to insure all their belongings before starting the removal process.

Why Do You Need Moving Insurance?

One may say that insurance is a waste of money; however, it is not so. We are professionals in the field of different types of moving, and we can easily explain why insurance is so crucial. Here are some persuasive points:

  • 1. Moving is a risky event.Removal is considered one of the most difficult events, especially if you have many belongings and want to move across a long distance. However, even domestic removal can be difficult, and an international removal overseas necessarily requires insurance because no one knows what may happen during transportation of your property to the final destination.
  • 2. The value of your belongings is higher than the final cost of insurance.The need for removals insurance is also explained by the value of belongings you want to transport to your new residence. If you want to relocate paintings or any other pieces of art, antique furniture, etc., it is important to mention that they are very expensive. Therefore, insurance is an obligatory condition to relocate them without any troubles.
  • 3. You have a long-distance removal.Certainly, it is much better to insure your property even for local domestic removals, but you can refuse it. On the contrary, insurance is an integral part of the long-distance removal process. It is so because of multiplicity of different ways to relocate your belongings to the final destination. Your property can be transported by sea, by air, or by road, and long-distance moving usually implies a complicated route with the combination of all these ways. Hence, the risk of damage increases manifold, and the importance of insurance is indisputable in this case.
  • 4. Insurance will help you to reduce or even eliminate potential risks.Of course, some risks are beyond our control, but the presence of insurance will be the best sedative for you if you are a responsible owner of some antiques or fine art pieces, for example. It should also be mentioned that standard insurance covers only 60% of the total value of all your belongings including fine art, so you need a special insurance offered by our company, which guarantees full-replacement value protection if any.

How to Get International Removals Insurance?

If you prefer to organize your moving by yourself, turn to special moving insurance companies to learn what documents are needed to insure your property. However, if you delegate your removal to Legend Removals, you will get insurance for removals automatically. To make the entire procedure easier, we would like to give our potential customers soma valuable advice:

  • ? All items for transportation should be evaluated objectively: there is no necessity to under-value or over-value your belongings.
  • ? All your belongings should be insured for full-replacement value in the place of destination.
  • ? Prepare necessary documents (filled-in insurance forms) in advance because our company should have them before the beginning of your moving.
  • ? Make the list of insured belongings. Valuable items (pieces of art, antique furniture, etc.), if their value is more than £10,000, should be included in a separate list. Hence, you will have two lists of insured belongings.

Entrust your moving to us – professionals from Legend Removals will do their best to make your removal as simple as possible. We offer our clients a full range of services; therefore, you should not have such a terrible headache in connection with your moving. Make your removal easier by using our professional help!