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Home Removals Insurance for Residential

Each person has a right to choose a place to live according to his/her own desire. Some people even prefer to travel all over the world without any permanent location, while others are dreaming of moving to another country. In any of the mentioned scenarios, moving is a very challenging task to complete, even if you decide to change your apartment within the borders of one and the same city. Hence, it is clear that relocation to another city or country, or even continent is much more difficult. Fortunately, specialized transport companies are able to help you.

The Importance of House Removal Insurance

Legend Removals is one of the recognized authorities in the field of managing different relocations (local, European, or overseas). That is why we are glad to offer our clients a full range of services including:
1. Transportation (by sea, by road, by air, or with a combination of these ways if necessary).
2. Packing/unpacking services (if you want to move as soon as possible without excessive effort, or have some things that require special packing).
3. Storage of your belongings (long-term and short-term).
4. Different types of insurance.
The last mentioned point is very important because most people who want to move anywhere cannot estimate the importance of insurance correctly. However, it doesn’t mean that their possessions don’t need any insurance at all; even furniture insurance is necessary if you want to relocate some antique pieces of furniture or simply wish to make sure that your exclusive belongings won’t be damaged.

The list of reasons to insure your belongings includes:
• Long distance to move. Unfortunately, the longer distance for removal you have, the more troubles you may get during transportation. That is why international removal needs furniture removal insurance obligatorily.
• Expensive belongings. If you want to relocate paintings, pieces of art, antique furniture and other expensive possessions, it is necessary to insure them because their value is higher than the final cost of insurance.
• Challenges of the removal process. No one knows what can happen tomorrow, so it is much better to have insurance to be on the safe side.

House Removal Transit Insurance by Legend Removals

Our employees always handle belongings of all our customers with care and even use special protection blankets for safe delivery of different pieces of furniture, household items, and other things. However, it is not a reason to refuse from an insurance. Moreover, speaking about residential removal, it is important to mention that you may want to relocate all furniture from your old house to a new one. In such cases, it is necessary to have insurance for moving furniture because of large items, even disassembled and packed into special containers, are at a higher risk of being damaged or broken during transportation. Therefore, our company always offers insurance of belongings to all customers. Moreover, it is simpler to delegate the problem of your removal to specialists of one and the same company than hire several separate companies for packing and unpacking of your belongings, transportation itself, and insurance. By choosing us, you may relax and forget about all these troubles connected with removal to another country because there are many other things for you to take care of, while we will care about safe and fast transportation of your belongings to any part of the world.

A great working experience of our team allows us to guarantee the best conditions of insurance in the market among other transportation companies. We know the true value of home comfort and do the best we can to save it for you in the new place to live.