Online removal reviews: pros and cons

Removal reviews

Few years ago, when people moved from one place to another it was habitual to find a good removal company in the Yellow Pages, or they just could rely on their friends and acquaintances opinion. Today, everything has changed. We use the Internet and online reviews. Undoubtedly, it makes consumers lives easier and has great advantages. Among them are removal reviews are easily accessible and free; all sites with them can be used whenever you want; it is supposed that reviews can be trusted as they are written by real costumers; with their help you can reduce the search and amount of removal companies, etc.

For removal companies online reviews also offer great opportunities and play important role in their functioning. A big amount of high quality service reviews attracts new customers; a scheme appears which increases potential clients and shrinks the sales process. It is essential point for the management team on quality as well. To trace the costumers’ attitude to the removal company and identify any shortcomings are much easier with online reviews than something else. Also, it allows defining the team member’s weaknesses or their strong sides and if there is a need they can get additional training that helps them to avoid previous mistakes.

There are not only positive sides of online reviews, it has many disadvantages. Overall, the shortcomings of online reviews and this system boil down to manipulating it by both, customers and removal companies. This system is not completely protected and the two players can suffer from it: the companies lose their clients and customers can be deceived. How exactly it happens will be described below.

Here are some tips and things to pay attention and be more skilled while you are looking for feedback on some removal company:

Review blackmail

We are faced with customers who assert that during the removal company’s job a severe damage was done and if the refund will not be returned this client will leave a negative feedback on its site. This problem has become more frequent lately even if everything works and goes properly. Sometimes fake negative reviews appear and it is difficult to detect them. That may have serious consequences for the sales process. However, when the customer has real problems and complaints we try to do everything we can and solve it.

Skulduggery by competitors

Competition in the real world went online that is why sometimes many companies want to spite their rivals. They fight for the same job, for the same customers when there is no demand and often write negative reviews on the competitor’s site. Their reviews are not given many stars but it is hard to delete them. Therefore, it is better to read and treat them carefully.


Today many companies suffer from whiners especially when the Internet appears. They complain about everything, no matter what it is. They are usually looking for very high quality at low prices and any slightest discrepancy to their requirement becomes the subject of negative feedback. In this situation it is better to read reviews very carefully and pay attention to real disadvantages. Not to minor trifles and the whiners’ opinion who often exaggerate.

Which site to use?

There is a huge variety of sites where you can find different reviews. But it is impossible to get a full understanding of situation by looking at just one. Because it is known that most often people leave negative feedback to spite the company and prevent other people from the same bad experience. That is why today these companies are very active in this field because there is a necessity to balance negative and positive reviews. They refer to different sources and usually use different review sites, such as Google reviews,, ,, etc. Therefore, there is a probability of getting incomplete and not entirely accurate information if you check only one review site. In this case, you can visit several review sites or read feedback on the company’s site and find out which sites they take reviews from.

Look at the number of reviews

Amount of reviews can help with decision. More reviews suggest that most of them are not fake and not written by competitors, as we have said before. Anyway, it is more meaningful to trust 80 four – star reviews than 10 five – star reviews.

Look for customer service clues

There is a great chance to trust the company if it answers reviews, especially negative. Of course, the company may not reply to every review, but if there are some, it has confidence and you can see the company’s attitude to customers.

Use social media

One of the effective ways to check the company is to check its social media. Today social media play important role in sales process and many companies use them to increase revenue. They draw attention to their product by any means and try to attract customers through the social networks. Not only through their sites. Any customer can use it properly and find out necessary information. The attitude and responsiveness to the clients, company spirit, their online activity, etc.

To sum up, online reviews can help you to make decision but it is not the only tool to do so. It is very useful instrument but you are better to request several quotes based on a survey in person or by video call.